5 People Arrested During French Montana's Video Shoot

Emeka Young Cruse

Monday, June 01, 2015

5 unlucky men & women were detained during avideo shoot for french montana this past weekend.

The Coke Boys rapper was shooting his latest music video out in Brooklyn when undercover police officers showed up to the scene. The cops were hanging around the parking lot at around 6:00 pm when they found suspects in possession of guns and drugs.

Eventually, they arrested three men and two women when they found four pistols on set, along with cocaine and molly. Bags of marijuana were also found, as well as bullets for the handguns. So far no one from the Coke Boys Records label has spoken on the situation but law enforcement released pictures of evidence that they found at the scene.

There is no word if the video shoot was successful at the end of the day, however it's been stated that the music video was for french's track Off The Rip which is a tribute to the fallen rapper & affiliate Chinx. Stay tuned for the official release.